Bent Motorsports provides full build services. Everything from concept to design to application, Bent Motorsports is here to help you with your next project.


Bent Motorsports provides a wide array of suspension options to fit your Jeep. From off the shelf bolt-on upgrades to custom fabrication and pre-fabbed kits, Bent Motorsports has a solution for your suspension needs.

whatever it takes.

Bent Motorsports is committed to getting you the service you need so you can get back out on the trail.


San Diego's Premier Jeep Shop.

Jeep Builds

Bent Motorsports is Motorsports. We will build your next Jeep from the ground up or we can take over an existing project and get you back on track. Give us a call to schedule a meeting or drop by the shop and talk to our owner Dave, to see what Bent can do for you.


Your wiring needs are met at Bent Motorsports. We are well known for our ability to clean up complicated wiring clusters and solve electrical snafus. Stand alone ECUs, lights, switches, fuel pumps, kill switches, Lowrance GPS, it's all part of the job. We keep it clean and we keep it simple. Everything we do is checked and double checked so you can be confident in your vehicles electrical systems when you need them most.

Bolt On Upgrades - Jeep and Off road

There's nothing like some good ol' fashioned bolt on accessories. Whether you're Overlanding, 4 wheeling, or Pre-running; you have clearance issues with existing parts you want installed on your vehicle, or you want to know what the best products are for your intended purpose, give us a call. We'll get your parts professionally installed on your Jeep so you can enjoy the finer things in Off-Road life, like burrito warmers and rooftop tents.

Jeep Suspension and steering

Long travel, 4 link, Live axle, Leaf springs, Coils, A-arms, you get the idea. Suspension is what sets apart normal Jeeps from purpose built Off Road machines. Here at Bent Motorsports, we've done it all, pre-fabbed kit installs to custom built systems. It doesn't matter how fast, how slow, how steep or rutted, we have a suspension solution for your needs.

Jeep Parts

With so many suppliers and products, it can get confusing when trying to find the right parts for your Jeep. Intended usage, budget, and performance all come into play. All the way from consultation to installation, Bent Motorsports is here to help you sort through the sea of parts available and find you exactly what you need for your build. 


We have countless lighting solutions for your truck and Jeep. We view mounting locations, power delivery, and switch design as a science to provide reliable and effective lighting so you can see the trail, your camp, or your tools. No job is to big or too small.


You can come into the shop with an absolute laundry list of things you need fixed, rewired, replaced, or updated and all we need to know is when you want it done. We specialize in some major categories but don't be afraid to ask something crazy. "Race spec. work?", yah. "Replace my shocks?", of course. If it will get you back out there, we are getting it done.

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