Bent Motorsports provides full build services. Everything from concept to design to application, Bent Motorsports is here to help you with your next project.


At Bent we service and upgrade a wide array of suspension designs, everything from Double Wishbone to Live Axle.

The new and the old.

Imports, Muscle, Exotic or Classic. We don't discriminate.


Small Shop, Focused results.

This is Bent Motorsports. We're the small shop down the street your buddy heard does real good work. It's owned and run by Dave. When you call Bent, he's the guy you're gonna talk to. Maybe you haven't heard of him, but chances are you've seen a build he or his shop has worked on. Everything from your aforementioned buddie's ride to Elon Musk's Space-X HyperLoop Test Car. With mountains of experience in both Off and On-Road applications, Bent is here to get you out doing what we all love. It doesn't matter if you race, romp, rip, or roost. Dave and the team at Bent have you covered with everything from mounting a new set of tires to building a full spec. race vehicle. The only thing we don't do is paint and upholstery... I mean, we'll try if you really want us to; but you've been warned.

The Team

The Man

David Beckett

Dave is the owner of Bent Motorsports. He's had his head sunk into cars for the last 34 years. Race teams, Autocross, 4-wheeling. If it rolls on tires, he's fixed it. He started in the big rig scene doing alignments, and over the years has had his hand in a fair amount of fuel powered projects. Not to mention he's an ASE certified Master-Tech, and he's got the Gold badge to prove it. He's driven by a passion for motorsports but, more specifically, your passion for motorsports. Dave is dedicated to getting you back out on the road or trail quickly and with the parts and services you need. The guys around the shop know their stuff; but everyone agrees, whether it's a personal project you want advice on, or a professional opinion on the most technical of problems, you gotta ask David. He's the man, and he is here for you.

The Boys

Jake Huntzinger

Jake Huntzinger is the Shop Foreman. The US army gave him his attention to detail, but he cultivated his own love for motorsports. Assigned as a Platoon Mechanic, he lead a team responsible for servicing multiple military grade vehicles like the FOX 6x6, and the striker 8x8. Saying he is well qualified would be an understatement. As for his foray into motorsports, he started doing classic car restorations with his grandfather; and after he acquired his first Dirt-bike it was all rooster tails and horsepower from there. Proficient in all things shop, his experience, coupled with a background in robotics, means he's the one making sure no one gets their wires crossed.

James Hernandez

James started working in the shop filling out our fabrication needs; and although he is the newest member of the team he too knows his stuff. He gained his experience attending Palomar Community College's Trade and Industry welding programs. He enjoys things good and sideways, preferably on dirt, placing him strongly in the camp of Rally Racing. Also, he's our media guy. You can tell because his jeans are just a little tighter than they should be. He says it's something about "thriving under creative constriction". Sounds hot.

Jake Russo

Starting his professional career in 2014, 'Russo' is also an ASE certified technician. Specifically in suspension and steering. Growing up, Russo tailed his father into a love for American Muscle and soon found his own passion for Vintage Bavarian Engineering. He performs witchcraft with the Claybar, spending his weekends restoring chalkboard paint schemes to their former glassy glory and greasing up interiors with his soft and supple hands. Aside from that he's a teddy bear of a man. He'll set up your track car, and won't forget to make shifter shine. 


You can come into the shop with an absolute laundry list of things you need fixed, rewired, replaced, or updated and all we need to know is when you want it done. We specialize in some major categories but don't be afraid to ask something crazy. "Race spec. work?", yah. "Replace my shocks?", of course. If it will get you back out there, we are getting it done.

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